In the Press

Good Riddance to Atkins–It Cost Me My Health
August 2, 2005 Evening Standard (London)

Low-Carb Pioneer Atkins Files for Bankruptcy
August 1, 2005 Associated Press

Watchdog Rejects ‘Healthier’ Atkins
June 1, 2005 The Times (London)

Health Warning for Offspring of Mothers Who Used Atkins Diet
April 12, 2005 The Herald (Glasgow)

Atkins Nutritionals Admits Diet May Be Dangerous Says Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
March 21, 2005 U.S. Newswire

Atkins: The Backlash
March 17, 2005 Daily Mail (London)

Atkins Diet Firm on the Brink of Liquidation
March 16, 2005 Press Association

CARBOPHOBIA: The Scary Truth About America’s Low-Carb Craze
February 14, 2005 Publishers Weekly Reviews

Low-Carb Lament
January 17, 2005 Maclean’s

Judge Refuses to Dismiss Suit Against Atkins Empire
January 8, 2005 Boca Raton News

Experts Say Low-Carb Craze May Be Over
December 20, 2004 Washington Post

Atkins Diet Fad Finished
December 14, 2004 Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia)

Atkins Mania is Just Wilting Away
December 12, 2004 Sunday Times (London)

Is the Low-Carb Boom Over?
December 5, 2004 New York Times

Low-Carb v. Low-Fat
November 25, 2004 CNN Crossfire

Low-Fat Beats Low-Carb for Keeping Pounds Off, Study Suggests
November 16, 2004 The Associated Press

Atkins Controversy: Headache of the Bad Breath Diet
November 15, 2004 The Advertiser

Binge, Purge: Atkins Slashes Marketing
November 15, 2004 Advertising Age

Starch Sales Signal End of Low-Carb Fad
November 11, 2004 The Washington Times

Suit Accuses Atkins Plan of Imperiling Dieters’ Lives
October 27, 2004 Sun-Sentinel

Good Riddance to Low-Carb Claims
September 29, 2004 The Globe and Mail

A is for Atkins? Not Yet
September 23, 2004 USA Today

Low-Carb Craze Slows
September 14, 2004 Newsday (New York)

‘Atkins Bores You Into Weight Loss’
September 3, 2004 Press Association

Atkins Diet: Does It Really Work And Is It Safe?
September 2, 2004 Health Talk

Low-Carb Bubble
August 23, 2004 Maclean’s

Low-Carb Hits New Low?
July 28, 2004 Restaurant Business

Nutritionists Warn Diabetics to be Wary of Atkins Diet
July 20, 2004 Plain Dealer

Scaling Back on Carbs? Such Diets Ignore Healthy, Surefire Way to Lose Weight
July 20, 2004 Rocky Mountain News

Low-Carb Diets Take a Punch
July 6, 2004 The Washington Post

Atkins Diet May Make Women Infertile
June 29, 2004 Medical News Today

Analyst Warns Low-Carb Diet Craze Waning
June 29, 2004 CBS MarketWatch

Consumer, Nutrition and Public Health Groups Warn Public About Health Risks Associated with Low-Carb Diets
June 22, 2004 Partnership for Essential Nutrition press release

Low Carbs and Lower Journalistic Standards
March 27, 2004 Scripps Howard News Service

Alleged Atkins Diet Victim Files Suit
May 26, 2004 County Court of Palm Beach County, Florida

Atkins Diet Left Me in Casualty With Agonising Cramps
September 24, 2003 Daily Mail (London)

Atkins ‘Danger’ Official
September 22, 2003 Daily Mail (London)

Atkins dieters ‘face greater diabetes risk’
September 4, 2003 Daily Mail (London)

Atkins dieters ‘at risk of sharp rise in cholesterol’
September 4, 2003 The Daily Telegraph (London)

Atkins Dieters Warned of Bowel Cancer Risk
August 26, 2003 Daily Mail (London)

Atkins Killed Our Daughter
August 23, 2003 Daily Mail (London)

Atkins Diet ‘Dangerous’
August 13, 2003 Daily Mail (London)

Hopeless Fad: Sorry, the Atkins Diet Still Doesn’t Work
June 6, 2003 National Review Online

The Dangerous Legacy of Dr. Atkins
April 24, 2003 Scripps Howard News Service

Big Fat Fake: The Atkins Diet Controversy and the Sorry State of Science Journalism
March 1, 2003 Reason

High-Fat Diet: Count Calories and Think Twice
September 10, 2002 The New York Times

E-mail Latest Effort in Atkins PR Campaign
October 15, 2001 San Antonio Express-News (Texas)

Atkins Diet is Massive Health Risk Says Expert
August 12, 2000 The Evening Standard (London)

A Dangerous Diet
November 19, 1999 Scripps Howard News Service

Dietitians Warn of Low-Carbo Diet Dangers
October 19, 1999 Reuters Health

The Latest Get-Thin-Quick Craze Is a 116-Year-Old Born-Again Diet
October 12, 1978 The Washington Post