Low-Carb Hits New Low?

July 28, 2004
Restaurant Business

The low-carb trend appears to have plateaued, according to new research, which says more than half of all consumers who tried the diet have given it up.

According to a survey of 500 Americans conducted online by research firm InsightExpress, fewer than 10% of all Americans are currently on a low-carb diet.

The survey also revealed that of the nearly 80% of Americans who have abstained from low-carb diets, fewer than one in five would consider purchasing a low-carb product.

The consumers surveyed placed much greater importance on total calories and fat content than carbohydrates when purchasing food.

“Based upon consumer attitudes and opinions, manufacturers of food products may want to carefully consider committing additional product development, marketing, and financial resources to low-carb offerings,” said Lee Smith, president and COO of InsightExpress.