Blood Flow on the Atkins Diet

Low Fat versus Low Carb
Angiology 51(2000):817.
Low Fat versus Low Carb

Blood flow measurements collected by nuclear cardiologist Richard M. Fleming MD, FICA, FACA, FASNC, of the Fleming Heart and Health Institute, Omaha, Neb. and published in the October 2000 issue of the medical journal Angiology, Journal of Vascular Disease.

In the following images, green areas indicate poor blood flow or heart damage.
Red areas show increased blood flow in healthy areas.

The top two images came from a patient who adopted a low-fat diet and thus reversed heart disease and damage. They show blood flow before and after diet modification to a low-fat diet. The image on the right shows significantly increased blood flow.

The bottom two images are those of a patient who went on [the Atkins Diet,] a popular high-protein diet. Images indicate reasonable blood flow before following the high-protein diet and compromised blood flow and heart damage after adopting the high-protein diet.

Blood Flow on Atkins