Accusation 16: Claim Regarding Teen’s Death “Without Support”

A number of objectionable statements appear on the website regarding Atkins…

  • Your claim at page 27 of the site that the ANA [Atkins Diet] is responsible for the death of Rachel Huskey is inflammatory and without support.

Addressing Rachel’s tragic death, adolescent medicine specialist Paul Robinson, M.D., said: “Our findings are consistent with what we understand is the body’s potential response to the Atkins Diet.” “Obviously it doesn’t happen very often,” he continued, “and not in everybody. But I am very, very concerned about it. There are certainly lots of evidence that it may have been the diet.”[1149]

For further documentation, see the section on Rachel. The report of her death and her diet was even published in a peer reviewed medical journal by Professor Joseph Tobias, a world-renowned child health specialist, that supports Dr. Robinson’s assertions.[1122] It’s reprinted in full at Sudden Death of an Adolescent During [Atkins] Dieting.