Accusation 6: Understates the Amount of Fiber in the Diet

A number of objectionable statements appear on the website regarding Atkins…

  • In another instance, you report that the Induction Phase of the ANA [Atkins Diet] only provides two grams of fiber a day (page 13). This number was not calculated by doing an independent nutrient analysis based on the menus provided in Atkins’ New Diet Revolution, and although reference is made to the 1999 edition of the book, nowhere does the book mention that only two grams of fiber are provided. In fact, the Induction Phase using just whole foods would deliver approximately 18 grams of fiber per day. The addition of one Advantage bar includes an additional 6-10 grams of fiber per day.

Although your letter repeatedly accuses of making false statements, you give almost no examples. The few examples you do offer are wrong. This accusation about fiber content is no exception.