Accusation 17: Cites Claims “Lacking in Merit”

A number of objectionable statements appear on the website regarding Atkins…

  • With respect to claims brought against Atkins by Jody Gorran, Atkins believes that those claims are entirely lacking in merit and will be dismissed.

As documented in Closing Off His Heart To the Atkins Diet, businessman and past Atkins enthusiast Jody Gorran stopped following Atkins only after narrowly escaping a massive heart attack. He is now suing you, alleging that you “knew, or should have known,” that what you were saying about your diet and heart disease risk was false.[1150]

It is ironic that your lawyers attempted to dismiss his lawsuit based on your “free speech protection of the First Amendment”[1123] yet you threaten for exercising the same right.

Please be advised that if you persist in misrepresenting the Atkins Nutritional Approach and the research supporting the ANA, [Atkins Diet] you do so at your own risk. We intend to monitor closely the website and other oral and written statements by you.

We intend to continue to warn the public about the serious potential dangers your diet presents. “When unproven science becomes a sales pitch,” declared a spokesperson for the American Institute for Cancer Research about low-carb diets, “some people get rich and the rest of us get ripped off.”[842]

-Michael Greger, M.D.